Diary Entry: Tuesday


TIME: Morning

Total time: .5 hours

What happens while you are playing?

This morning was very busy with house work, excited kids and getting ready to run errands. I played a little online game while eating breakfast. I wasn't interrupted by anyone or anything. When I was finished with my breakfast I quit playing and moved on with my day.

What do you feel while you play?

I felt like I was exercising my brain a little, getting the cob-webs out and such. I didn't need to finish the game or beat it since I have already been through it once. I didn't feel like I was any pressure to play or not to play.


TIME: Evening

Total Time: 1 hour

What happens while you are playing?

My daughter is out with my husbands family for the day, so we thought we would trade off playing Alan Wake (XBox360) until she got home. As it turns out, she called to find out if she could spend the night with the grandparents and we were able to play until we wanted to stop.

What do you feel while you play?

I have mixed feelings about this game. It's spooky, and I like spooky. But I'm one of those people who yells at the naive victims in horror movies. "Why are you getting in the shower??? Don't you know that will get you killed???" So, when I play a video game with similar plots it's hard for me to put the character into life threatening situations without getting frustrated to a degree. After awhile I either get too spooked and quit or laugh at the story points and misfortunes of the main character (that I'm playing).