Diary Entry: Friday

DUNGEONS & DRAGONS (through skpe)

TIME: After dinner
Total time: 3 hours

What happens while you are playing?
My husband is the Dungeon Master for a game we play most weeks with various people we met through Twitter. We use Skype, Game Table and Obsidian Portal to keep up with our dwarf "Copper Knight" campaign. Tonight went better than the last three attempts at playing. We had NO internet issues and got to slaughter bug-lizards, pirates and a knoll without interruption. That being said, since my husband runs the game, it's ALWAYS his turn. It makes more sense that if the kids need something I take care of it to disrupt the flow of the game for the other players. We started playing at 7 PM and immediately after my turn at 7:30, our daughter was ready to turn in and our son was fussing. Fortunately, she went to bed easily after a short conversation about her worries (more on this later) and my son went to sleep after his binky was given back to him. While playing I was also crocheting a teddy bear. It is a pattern I have completed several times in the past month so I'm to a point where I can complete it without paying much attention.

What do you feel while you play?
Nervous energy. As I said above, our daughter had concerns before going to bed. Our very good friends are in the hospital and were starting the induction procedure to have their son 8 weeks early. We have spent as much time as we can helping them keep a normal life. We are really worried about them so it felt great to release some stress by virtually pounding bad guys. Another point of note is that the games are normally "PG" rated and the other 3 players let loose a little more than normal as well. So, it was relaxing to joke around (and feel comfortable as the only woman in the group tonight) to add to the de-stress time.


TIME: After i should have been asleep
Total time: .75 hour

What happens while you are playing?
I was giving our son one last feeding for the night and looking for a text from our friends mom about the baby while using the last of my nervous brain energy on the Scrabble-like game. My husband easily won our first game and started a second and I picked up another session with a random player named "c00ki3". When it was hard to keep my eyes open I finally turned it off and fell asleep.

What do you feel while you play?
Tired, name it. Mainly, I just wanted my brain to get tired and turn off.