Diary Entry: Monday


TIME: Morning – Mid Morning

Total time 1.5 hours

What happens while you are playing?

This is like any other morning. Yes, I'm playing on the computer but I'm also keeping one eye on the kids while they are playing. Today I paused to feed the baby, open an orange for my daughter and put the youngest down for a nap. When my daughter was the only one around, she was asking questions about what I was playing and I explained to her about the puzzle of putting out plants to shoot stuff at the zombies. She knows zombies are bad and quickly picked up that the object was to keep the zombies from entering my house. I quit playing for the morning when a load of laundry was ready to go in the dryer.

What do you feel while you play?

I feel like my brain is actually getting to work more at an adult level because of the problem solving. Playing while the kids are playing with toys and each other gives me a sense of sanity



TIME: After Dinner

Total Time: 15 minutes

What happens while you are playing?

My husband and I discussed the rules and scenarios for a game we might play with friends on Thursday called 'Fiasco'. We used the time our daughter was in the shower to discuss the game and didn't get very far...I was tired and wasn't really into concentrating on new things.

What do you feel while you play?

By this time of day my brain is fuzzy from listening to baby babble and constant four-year-old singing. I know we talked about the game and possible story lines, but honestly I can't tell you specifics because my brain glazed over.


TIME:After the kids went to bed

Total Time: 1.5 hours

What happens while you are playing?

My husband and I turned on an internet episode of Eureka and worked on painting my Lizardmen Warhammer army for an upcoming escalation tournament. I'm working on my Saurus warriors currently. They will have orange skin and purple scales with purple shields and spears. The tournament starts the second Sunday in September so we have some time to get them painted. The kids were asleep so we were able to paint without interruption.

What do you feel while you play?

Even when I'm painting the miniatures I'm thinking three steps ahead. Will this look okay since I'm not going with the 'recommended' color scheme? Will the detail be okay when I do some macro-photography shots of my finished miniatures?

That being said it was relaxing to do something - ANYTHING without my son tugging on me or my daughter asking a zillion questions about what I'm doing. Relaxing doesn't begin to describe getting my characters ready for game play.

Also, it's really nice to have a hobby in common with my husband.