What I Have Learned About Newspaper Nails.

Recently on GeekMom, Cindy talked about a geeky way to pamper yourself on Mother's Day. I have read about this technique on several different websites, all singing the praises of how easy this project is. Well, my daughter and I did some experimenting and through trial and error discovered a couple of disappointing points.

  • The first thing is, you need to do a test first to see if the ink will transfer. One of our local papers ink transfered far more easily than the other.
  • The second is that text is much easier to transfer than black and white pictures and those are easier than Sunday comics. We had HORRIBLE luck with Sunday comics. I finally had a decent amount of luck if I soaked the nail and the paper strip in alcohol for a long period of time, and then held the strip on the nail firmly for no less than a minute.
  • Lastly (and this is my own fault), if you want the results to last, don't buy the cheapest polish you can find. I did, and my decent results only lasted 24 hours without chipping off completely.
Next time I will change a couple of variables to hopefully get better results.