Are You Ready For Geeky?

Earlier in the summer, I posted that I had been a bad, bad, blogger and had not kept my readers happy. The truth is, there wasn't enough time with a daughter who is now old enough to partake in extracurricular activities, my computer tutoring clients, and photography (more on this in another post) to dedicate time to a "hobby."

Well, I'm still not going to be able to keep up with very regular posts on this blog. If there are regular posts, they will be related to my own personal gaming experiences, similar to my husband's blog, Random Thought Parade.

Why will I not be publishing reviews on my blog in the foreseeable future? There is a very simple and AWESOME explanation for this: My articles will be on! My third article was published earlier today, and another will probably go up next week. I am hoping my relationship with GeekMom and it's writers is a long one. So far, it has been an honor to work with such a wide variety of intelligent women.

GeekMom is adjacent to Wired Magazine's GeekDad site, but is not affiliated with Wired Magazine itself. The GeekMom site's official launch will be in October. During the month of October all of the GeekMom writers will be introduced - including yours truly.

If you have ideas for articles or have questions I am @GamerMom1_0 on Twitter. I have a GeekMom and a GeekDad list on Twitter as well that can be followed so you won't miss a geeky minute.

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