No Time!

I need to catch my breath for a minute. Really, I do. We just got back from a week and a half of "business trips" that doubled as a family vacation.

Maker Faire was amazing (I seem to be using that word a lot recently in relation to my experience in San Mateo). I can't believe I work with such a diverse and intelligent group of people. I also had another one of those moments where sparkles got the better of me. Everyone had LED pins of some sort - even GeekDad's cohort Digi-Key. My interest has been peaked (ooooooooh, shiny). And, if kids can make a simple circuit to wear some high-tech bling, I should be able to catch on too, right?

Amazon to the rescue! I decided to order a couple of books:

I had a giftcard and decided, since it really wasn't costing me anything, to order these two books to see if I got any inspiration for projects...I have a couple of ideas, but no idea how to put them into action. Hopefully, my husband has the patience to teach my how to build a simple circuit. If I get the inspiration I am looking for in the books, I am hoping to put in orders to Digi-Key and ANIOMAGIC very soon.