Review: Cooking Mama:

System: Nintendo DS

Reading: Minimal – but can affect game play

Explanation time: None → explaining every single mini-game (depending on how OCD you are)

Educational: Not really, but you do use the stylus quite a bit so an argument could be made that it works on writing skills and hand-eye coordination.

Game Play: I am still playing this game. I keep unlocking new recipes! Gamer2.0 picked a recipe and failed but had enough fun that she picked another recipe and didn't fail too badly. Kids and adults can enjoy this game since Cooking Mama sits on the top screen and lets you know how you did with each step. If you fail she shoots flames out of her eyes to let you know she isn't happy, but also says, “Don't worry, Mama will fix it” Gamer2.0 doesn't care about the score or the medals that can be earned but seems to really enjoy figuring out what she is supposed to do in each task if no one is helping her play.

Age: 3+

Gamer2.0 rating: “Hehehe, Mama is angry....Uh-oh!”