Mission: Gamers 2.0

My mission, should you choose to read it, is to break the covert “E for Everyone” games down to what age group, three to seven years, would appreciate it. There might also be a few non-video game reviews, nerdy events and such. The information below is the dossier's for the team and myself...

Agent: GamerMom1.0
Mission: Convey debriefings to the populous
Cover Identity: Product and event photography and also computer program tutoring.

Agent: Gamer2.0
Mission: Gadget satisfaction for other 1.0 agents
Cover Identity: Pretty pink prancing pre-schooler.

Agent: GamerDad1.0
Mission: Technology upkeep for mission.
Cover Identity: Electronic safety testing.

Agent: Dragonling Familiar
Age: >1
Mission: Classified
Cover Identity: Baby