Review: Kai Lan's Chinese New Year

System: Nintendo DS

Reading: None – Directions are spoken and repeated until the task is completed

Explanation time: None

Educational: Skills include: Writing, matching, following directions and hand eye coordination.

Game Play: The game is a series of mini-games that follow the storyline of Kai Lan and friends getting ready for the Chinese New Year. Instructions for the mini-games are given verbally by Kai Lan. There are no time limits, and no way to lose. Gamer2.0 has been through the game several times and has not gotten sick of it. We took a 12 hour car trip and let her play this in the car with no problems. Older kids may find the game boring after one go through.
Age: 3 - 5

Gamer2.0 rating: Says, “WAKE UP IT'S THE MICROPHONE!” and “Ni hao.”

P.S. We count video game time as television time. When a game is played - especially one that can be played with no adult supervision, we limit the amount of time that is spent playing.